Bids & RFPs

Active Bids, RFPs

Description Closing Date and Time Solicitation Documents
IFB #FPC-21-11 UAA SSB 127 IT Server M&E Upgrades March 4, 2021 at 2PM Alaska Time Visit
IFB #FPC-21-14 MSC JKB Roof Replacement March 23, 2021 at 2PM Alaska Time Visit
IFB #FPC-21-13 UAA GHH Mechanical Improvements March 24, 2021 at 2PM Alaska Time Visit

 Future Bids, RFPs

Description Anticipated
Issue Date
 TBD  UAA ESH UPD Renovation March 2021
 TBD  MSC OLB Ceiling Grid EQ Repairs March 2021
 TBD  UAA Central-West Earthquake Repairs March 2021

Closed Bids, RFPs

Description Status File
20-02 UAA Energy Performance Contract Awarded
20-02 NOITA
20-05 UAA Enrollment Services Relocation Awarded
20-05 NOITA
20-07 UAA MAC1 Kitchen & Bath Renovation Awarded  
20-10 UAA LIB Testing Center Renovation Awarded  
20-11 UAA AAC Earthquake Repairs Cancelled  
20-12 UAA SSB CNT Renovation Awarded  
20-13 KPC Ward Welding Lab Renovation Awarded  
20-14 UAA UC DMV Tenant Improvements Awarded  
20-18 UAA Campus Wide Natural Gas Shutoff Valves Awarded  
20-19 UAA PSB HPER Renovation Awarded  
20-21 UAA UC Boiler Replacement Awarded  
20-20 UAA IT Access Control System Awarded  
FPC-21-01 UAA PSB Elevator Machine Room Awarded  
FPC-21-03 UAA ESH Reconfiguration Awarded  
FPC-21-05 UAA Master Plan Update Notification of Intent to Negotiate  
FPC-21-06 UAA GHH Drain Line Repairs Awarded  
FPC-21--08 UAA AAC Earthquake Repairs Awarded  
FPC-21-09 UAA UC DPA Tenant Improvements Awarded  
FPC-21-10 UAA Exterior Access Controls Awarded  

UAA Procurement Services

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