Shuttle Safety Info

 shuttle danger zones


Things to remember...

  • Be prepared to present your Wolfcard upon request of the driver to verify ridership access.
  • STAY OUT OF THE DANGER ZONE (15-feet from the bus in all directions) at all times.
  • For rider and pedestrian safety, shuttles will ONLY pick up riders at designated shuttle stops.  Don't attempt to "flag-down" or "chase" a shuttle bus after it has departed a shuttle stop...that is a VERY DANGEROUS SITUATION for you and the driver.

Waiting for a Seawolf Shuttle...

  • Stay a safe distance from the pick-up/drop-off curb.
  • Wait to approach the shuttle until the shuttle has come to a complete stop and the door has completely opened.
  • Stay clear of the wheels until the shuttle has come to a complete stop.

Boarding/Disembarking the Seawolf Shuttle...

  • Always use the handrails and take one step at a time.  Stairs can be slippery and using handrails can help keep you from falling!

On the Seawolf Shuttle...

  • Keep the aisle and exits clear.
  • It's safer to place backpacks and other gear on your lap or in the empty seat next to you, not around your feet.
  • Remain seated until the shuttle comes to a complete stop andyou are prepared to disembark at a campus shuttle stop.