Tracking UAA Shuttles


Where's the next shuttle?

Use the WolfTracks - Live Shuttle Tracker or our text service for real-time shuttle information!


  • WolfTracks - Live Shuttle Tracker

    The UAA shuttle tracker provides real-time location information for each shuttle operating on campus.  It even provides riders with details on when the next shuttle will arrive at your stop. 

    WolfTracks updates every 5-seconds and can be viewed on a smart phone or computer. 

    Access WolfTracks by downloading the UAA MOBILE APP and click the Shuttle icon.

    Click here for the iPhone app.
    Click here for the Android app.
    Click here for a tutorial on how to use WolfTracks.

  • TEXT 41411

    Another way to find out when the next shuttle is arriving at your stop...simply TEXT 41411 and enter the corresponding TEXT ID listed below.  Within a few seconds you will receive a reply text with route information on the next arriving shuttle.



    Alaska Airlines Center - AAC uaashuttle 1
    Administration/Humanities Bldg - ADM uaashuttle 2
    Fine Arts Bldg - ARTS uaashuttle 3
    Aviation Technology Complex - AVC uaashuttle 4
    Bookstore - BKS uaashuttle 5
    Commons - CMMNS uaashuttle 6
    ConocoPhillips Integrated Science Bldg - CPISB uaashuttle 7
    Engineering & Industry Bldg - EIB uaashuttle 8
    Health Sciences Bldg - HSB uaashuttle 9
    North Parking Lot - NL uaashuttle 10
    Professional Studies Bldg - PSB uaashuttle 11
    Rasmuson Hall - RH uaashuttle 12
    Social Sciences Building - SSB uaashuttle 13
    University Center - UC uaashuttle 14
  • WolfTracks and Text FAQ's


    How does the GPS system work?
    Each shuttle driver carries a programed GPS smart-phone. The phones transmit necessary location data through our service provider, and the phones act as our passenger counter too. If you see the driver "using a cellphone," they are actually controlling different aspects of the GPS for their route.

    What do the colors on the APP mean?
    The colors signify the name of the shuttle route and correspond with printed material, making it easier to find the specific bus you might need.

    • A colored dot with an arrow indicates which direction the bus is traveling. 
    • A colored dot with a square in the middle indicates the bus has stopped.
    • Clicking on the dot will provide bus number and additional route information, including the next two stops with expected arrival times.

    Why do shuttles occasionally move off their normal route(s)?
    We strive to keep routes on time but occasionally excessive traffic delays (i.e. accidents or road closures) will force a driver off route.  Also,  occasional minor safety repairs (i.e. burned out bulbs, blown fuses) need to be quickly addressed by our Fleet Maintenance shop.

    Why are certain routes not showing up on the tracker?
    Sometimes the GPS smart-phone fails to communicate with our service provider.  Once the driver is notified of the problem, a quick restart of the phone usually fixes the problem and all routes are back on-line.


    Why didn't I get a reply text after sending a message to 41411?
    It's likely that you may have entered the wrong TEXT ID.  The ID's actually have a [space] been uaashuttle and the corresponding number.  Please try again, and if you still have problems, contact the Transportation Office @ 907-786-6935.

    How does the TEXT system work?
    Like WolfTracks the text service is driven by the drivers programed GPS smart-phone.  The phones transmit necessary location data through our service provider, and the phones act as our passenger counter.  If you see the driver "using a cellphone," they are actually different aspects of the GPS for their route.