Green Department Certification

UAA's green department certification is coordinated and conducted by the Office of Sustainability.

Green Department certification identifies and recognizes departments on campus that have taken extra steps to have greener operations, lower their operating costs and their environmental footprint.  The program identifies a set of conditions and actions – some optional and some required – that departments can take. Certification is contingent on documenting all 5 of the required pre-requisite criteria and specified number of the total optional criteria. Certification is good for 2 years; criteria and other requirements may change over time.

Becoming a green department is easy and can reap real rewards – this Resource Guide contains the basic information you will need to get started.  The certification process is designed to provide resources, guidance, and recognition to faculty, staff, and students as they take steps to improve energy efficiency at work.  The points and pre-requisites identified here focus on relatively easy tasks and programs that any department can complete and implement.  There are certain points – Addressing Individual Behavior and Innovation – that were created to allow greater flexibility for department-specific initiatives.  

Resource Guide

Click here to download a copy of the Green Department Resource Guide. 

Take a Look

Click here to download a copy of Alternative Transportation Options to post in your department.


Once you have read through the resource guide and completed the first 3 steps, click here to download a copy of the checklist. Please note that this checklist is to be completed and submitted electronically.