TEM FY17 Payout Process

As you are all painfully aware, we have a huge backlog in TEM for processing Employee Reimbursement reports for travel related expenses.  In order to facilitate payments to our travelers as well as to mitigate a number of issues related to year end processing we have developed a ONE-TIME process to approve all ER’s submitted to TEM on or before June 10, 2017 prior to June 30. ER’s submitted after June 10, 2017 will be processed as normal with full audit review prior to being approved.


All ER’s approved under this one-time process will have the following Notice posted in the note section of the ER:


This ER has been approved without formal review and will be subject to post-approval audit procedures.  This may result in adjustments to the costs charged.  Underpayments will need to be funded by the department, over payments will require refunds from the traveler/department.  Additionally, documentation deficiencies noted in the post-approval audit will need to be cleared.  Should deficiencies not be cleared within a reasonable time, charges will be deemed unallowable with repayment required.  Additional ramifications may apply to restricted fund travel.

Approval process:

  • This week (through 6/23)- 

zero balance ER’s

pre-screened population of travelers/departments with a history of submitting complete “clean” ER’s

Continue to do cursory review of high dollar/restricted fund ER’s – requesting documentation etc.

  • Next week (6/26-6/30)–

Systematically approve all remaining ER’s that are dated as submitted on or before 6/10/2017

Post approval audit process:


Procedures for the post approval audit process will be developed in the next week or so.   It is anticipated that this will be completed primarily by temporary travel staff and may take 4-5 months to complete, with resulting adjustments being recognized in FY18.  More information will follow in early July.  This will allow Ivy (our new Travel Auditor) to focus on current ER’s in TEM. 


If you have questions regarding this process, please direct them to me.  I ask that individuals do not call or inquire when their ER will be approved.  The status is available in TEM if they wish to track.  As a reminder, SW processes all TEM generated disbursements, with direct deposits daily and monthly check runs.  (i.e. – make sure direct deposits are set up)


Ivy Su, our new Travel Auditor as of this Monday 6/19/2017, is working diligently to come up to speed on processing.  I am confident that all of you and your teams will enjoy working with her.  She has a number of ideas for providing cheat sheets and tools to assist in submitting complete and timely travel expense reimbursements via TEM.  You will be hearing from her directly in the coming weeks.  We are thrilled to have her on board!


Thank-you all for your patience and ongoing support during the transition period in the Travel Auditor position.

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