Vendor Payments

Step One

 A Purchase Order (PO) is needed for all invoices to be paid through the Accounts Payable system. Please see Procurement Services for assistance. Please make sure the PO number is included on the invoice before it is submitted to Accounts Payable for timely payment. 

Step Two

All invoices to be paid through Accounts Payable require the following for payment to be processed:


  • Review invoice for accuracy and consistency with PO description.
  • Write OK to pay and sign the invoice with the date.
  • Email approvals are allowed, after you have received & reviewed the invoice for accuracy. Please include:
    • "OK to pay": 
        • Vendor Name
        • Invoice Number
        • PO Number

For example:

Ok to pay Watermark Consulting invoice 18-002 for P0518516.

  • For restricted funds payments for professional services the approval must be signed by the P.I. and must have specific verbiage:
      • My signature below, certifies that I approve payment of this invoice and that the charges appear reasonable, and progress to date on this project is satisfactory and in keeping with the statement of work.

Step Three

Instructions when sending your Invoices.

  • A valid, unexpired PO number must be written on each invoice, not in an attached document or email.
  • The PO must have sufficient funds to cover the full amount of the invoice(s).
  • If additional items are ordered on the same PO, the invoice cannot be paid until additional funds are added to the PO to create a match.
  • Invoices for one company cannot be paid to an affiliate company. The vendor name on the invoice and on the departmental PO must agree.
  • Payments for invoices requiring department’s approval will not be released until the department approves the receiving document sent to them.
  • Invoices for foreign vendors require the completion of a W-8BEN (for individuals) and W-8BEN-E (for entities) available on the IRS website.  A Foreign Status Determination Form available in Accounts Payable should also be completed. These payments may be subjected to withholding tax.

Step Four

Submit to the office by:

  • email: 
      • Please include the Vendor name, invoice number and PO number in the subject line for easy reference.
  • fax: 907-786-1445
  • hand deliver: University Center, Room 104
      • 3801 Old Seward Highway, Anchorage, AK 99503
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