Blanket Purchase Order

 A Blanket Purchase Order (BPO), established by the Procurement Services department with various vendors, is a simplified method of filling anticipated repetitive needs for supplies or services.  BPOs allow departments to secure a funded call number from the Banner Financial System up to $5,000.

Click here for Banner Finance instructions for BPO call numbers.

FY19 BPO Numbers


Vendor Name BPO Number Vendor ID Description
Acme Inc (dba Royal Printing) N/A 30943965 Printing services
Acme Inc (dba Royal Printing) N/A 30943965 Printing: Letterhead & envelopes
Air Liquide America LP BA19512 A10002 Supplies
Airgas USA LLC BA19018 C51 Gases, demurrage, tank rental & supplies
Alaska Communications Systems Holdings BA19602 A22583 Services
Alaska Interpreting Alliance Inc BA19016 30965064 ASL services
Alaska Printing Inc. BA19001 A14014 Printing services
Alaska Supreme Ice Cream BA19037 A41536 Products
Alsco Inc BA19043 A38858 Linen rental & services
Arctic Office Machines Inc N/A A10035 Lease of copiers & repair services
Ashman, Gina M BA19027 30582827 ASL services
Bargreen Ellingson Inc BA19082 B39917 Culinary Supplies
Bio Rad Labs BA19069 B10060 Scientific lab supplies & reagents
Bottling Group LLC BA19597 P47871 Food/beverages for resale
Butler Animal Health Holding Co LLC (dba Henry Schein Animal Health) BA19014 30815991 Veterinary supplies
C & J Tendermeats Inc BA19044 C80000100 Meat products
Carolina Biological Supply Company BA19041 C10071 Scientific supplies
Connolly, James BA19029 30039715 ASL sericves
Courtney Kenzi Interpreting LLC BA19056 31195637 ASL services
Dawson, Anne S BA19031 31113998 ASL services
DiTomaso BA19757 D50736 Food supplies
Farina's Inc BA19300 F01251 Kitchen supplies
Fed Express Corp BA19361 F22724 Package shipping services
Fidelity Title Agency of Alaska LLC BA19969 30816061 Professional services
Fischer Group Inc (dba Regional Supply LLC) BA19985 31155154 Supplies
Fisher Scientific Company LLC N/A F30776 Line chemicals, equipment & supplies
Fisher Scientific Company LLC BA19967 F30776 Lab supplies
Food Services of America BA19654 F23747 Food/beverages for resale
Gager-Garcia, Ruth A BA19065 30948903 ASL services
Great Originals BA19106 G47963 Services for Copy/Print Services Dept
Harrison, Rochele S (dba Signterp) BA19024 30624222 ASL services
Hartung, Jamie BA19080 31114309 ASL services
King Weaver, Alana M BA19036 31182121 ASL services
Laura Miller (dba Visual Language Productions) BA19042 30962478 ASL services
Life Technologies Corp BA19017 I13151 Molecular biology supplies
Linford of Alaska Inc BA19657 L23795 Food/beverage for resale
Mahan, Susan K BA19983 30074019 ASL services
Matheson Tri-Gas Inc BA19984 M012074 Products & services
Mo Bio Laboratories Inc N/A 31003624 Biological kits & supplies
MP Biomedicals LLC BA19979 M014138 Lab materials
NANA Management Services LLC BA19738 N001846 Dining/catering services
New England Biolabs Inc N/A N40268 Lab equipment & supplies
Northern Printing Company Inc BA19011 N38238 Printing services
PASCO Corp Satellite Bus Div BA19068 P22548 Equipment & supplies
Peterson, Colleen S (dba CP Interpreting Services) BA19977 30073215 ASL services
Pironti, Louann BA19118 31184541 ASL services
Povelite, Brenna (dba Brenna Povelite Interpreting) BA19066 31181623  
Qiagen Inc BA19054 O43569 Lab chemicals, equipment & supplies
Ricoh USA Inc BA19032 A47290 Lease of copiers
RNR Interpreting LLC BA19976 31016896 ASL services
Robinson, Rachel D BA19034 30749616 ASL services
Hoeler, Joan H BA19022 30162820 ASL services
Sagaya Corp BA19020 N34444 Supplies
Sigma-Aldrich Inc. BA19007 S200303 Goods and services
Steris Corporation BA19972 S78103 Supplies & equipment
The Odom Corporation BA19570 O19107 Beverages & supplies
UPS (United Parcel Serv) BA19966 U30281 Shipping services
VWR International LLC BA19578 V21221 Lab supplies
Wards Natural Science Establishment LLC N/A W32317 Scientific supplies
Waxie's Enterprises Inc BA19973 30968343 Janitorial supplies
West Coast Paper Company BA19112 A11747 Paper products for Copy/Print Services
Davis, Marica R. (DBA MRD Consulting) BA19986 30245635 Professional Services