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Cash or Prepaid Purchase Orders

A "Cash Pay" or "Prepaid" purchase order, from which Accounts Payable generates a check that is mailed with the purchase order to the vendor. These are used when total or partial payment must accompany the order.

Use discretion when requesting a cash pay purchase order since it is an exception to the University's normal practice of payment to pay only after receipt of goods or services. These should be used only when necessary as prepayment of an order weakens UAA’s position if something goes wrong with the order.

Prepayment for services is generally not allowed, although a “partial cash pay” in the form of a negotiated advance may be approved. Appropriate uses are limited to deposits, subscriptions, publications, retainers, and memberships. Cash payments may not be used for purposes of financing a vendor or contractor’s performance of a contract or order.

To request a cash or prepaid purchase order, enter a requisition into Banner requesting the purchase order be set up as an cash or prepaid purchase order.

Click here for Banner Finance instructions for requisitioning of Purchase Orders.