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Certification of Need for Research of Classroom Use

The University recognizes, that in certain narrow applications, a specific brand/model of scientific/academic equipment, or a specific source of scientific/academic service may be so critical that failure to secure it will jeopardize the outcome of the academic program or the results of the specific research. In this case the University will rely on the credibility and integrity of the principle investigator, or faculty member.

When such a condition arises and the procurement is in excess of the small dollar limit, the principle investigator or faculty member may sign a formal "certification" stating that, in their professional or scientific judgment, any brand/model, or service provider other that listed on the certification is likely to jeopardize their program or research results. The ethical standard for signing such a statement is high.

When the certification is provided, the Procurement Services Department shall restrict competition to only those vendors that are authorized to sell that brand. When Purchasing determines that the product is available only from a single vendor, the procurement shall be executed as a sole source.

The certification is not applicable for ancillary equipment that may be used in support of the project, but is not intrinsically scientific or academic in nature. Purchase of such equipment is supported by other procurement procedures covering "brand name or equal specifications", performance or function specifications, need for compatibility, etc.

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