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Open Purchase Orders

Open Purchase Orders encumber funds on the Banner Financial system for one department, for the entire fiscal year and are used for predictable, repetitive purchases throughout the year such as for cellular phone services, leases and other like expenses that are known to likely occur. Deductions are made from the encumbered amount each time a purchase is made. Department typically track expenditures on their own soft ledger.

A change order can be accomplished by Procurement Services to replenish funds to the open purchase order as needed. For UAA open purchase orders are typically numbered with a V preceding the fiscal year designation and a unique numeric identifier. A sample open purchase order for FY17 would beV17235.

Opens are generally prepared in July, at the beginning of the new fiscal year, though they can be set up at any time.

To request an open purchase order, enter a requisition into Banner requesting the purchase order be set up as an open purchase order.

Click here for Banner Finance instructions for requisitioning of Purchase Orders.