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Professional Services Contracts

"Professional services" means professional, technical, or consultant services that are predominantly intellectual in character, result in the production of a report or the completion of a task, and include analysis, evaluation, prediction, planning, or recommendation.

Professional Services contracts are more extensive and comprehensive in its terms, usually because of the nature of the work or the higher dollar value of the contract, in order to protect the assets of the University. As a result, these contracts contain additional termination rights, insurance requirements and indemnification language in comparison with other contractual instruments.

Departments are required to develop a scope of work for the work required that will be referenced as part of the contract. A scope of work should include such things as the services to be performed, milestones for completion of the project if applicable, the term of the services and due date of any deliverables.

Professional Services Contracts are used primarily for professional services greater than $10,000 total dollar value.

If under $10,000 total dollar value a Short Form Contract for Miscellaneous Services may be more appropriate according to risk and other factors inherent in the nature of the services. See on website Purchasing Policies and Procedures on Short Form Contract for Miscellaneous Services.

Contact a University procurement officer if you have any question about professional services contracts or need a professional services contract issued.