WolfCard Accounts

Your WolfCard may have three separate accounts: WolfBucks, Dining Dollars, and a Printing Allocation. 

  1. All cards will have a WolfBucks account. The account will hold funds which can be spent at any machine or dining location which accepts the card.
  2. Students living in housing may receive Dining Dollars as part of their meal plan. These dollars are held in the second card account. Dining Dollars can be spent only at University Dining locations.
  3. Each semester a student enrolls, $15  will be deposited into their Printing Allocation. The Printing Allocation is to be used exclusively for printing at University print stations.

WolfBucks can be deposited to your card accounts using the Unattended value transfer stations located in the copy room on the first floor of the Consortium Library, SMH, HSB, and in the Housing Commons. The WolfCard office can also add money to your account. To deposit Wolfbucks on to your card online (with a credit card) or check balances, please visit the Wolfbucks online page.

Your WolfCard office can provide a statement showing card transactions and account balances. Statements will not be provided automatically. One statement per month is free. Cardholders will be charged a fee for additional statements issued for any given month.

Remember, WolfBucks are not refundable unless you graduate or fully and officially withdraw from all classes. Please see the WolfCard policies document for specific information.

All Dining Dollars and Print Allocations are removed from card accounts at the end of the semester.