Chip WolfCards

Beginning in the fall of 2020, UAA rolled out a new WolfCard with a chip inside it.  This chip is much more secure that the older magstripe technology.  Currently, the chip is only used in our new door locks.  Eventually we'll roll it out campus-wide for all of the other WolfCard devices.  However, it meant that every WolfCard had to be re-issued for it to work in our new system. 

Some important things to know about the new WolfCard:

  • You can identify the chip WolfCard by a blue HID logo on the back, in the upper-left corner
  • If you received a new WolfCard in the mail, please go here to register it.
  • The new chip cards still use the magstripe for legacy equipment, but eventually they'll be replaced with chip-only cards
  • It is very important to not punch a hole in your chip WolfCard, as that will most likely deactivate it
  • To use your WolfCard on a door reader, simply tap the card on the reader, and assuming you're a current student or staff and have the privileges for that door, it will open
  • If the door does not open, and you do have the chip card, contact IT services at 786-4646
  • If you still have the older card, there is no charge to change it to the new chip design
  • If your new WolfCard is damaged or lost, you can get a replacement at the cashiering office in ESH 102, or the Consortium Library
  • If you don't have a new chip WolfCard yet. you can get it at the cashiering office in ESH 102, or the Consortium Library
  • It usually takes about 90 minutes for a card to work in the door system after it's activated