How Does It Work?

The new UAA ID card system consists of two major elements. There is a central database which contains information on each cardholder and there are individual card readers installed at various locations across the campus. There are several types of card readers. Point of sale readers will be located at University Dining locations, card readers will be installed in the Bookstore on copy machines in the library on vending machines and on housing laundry facilities. Activity readers will be installed in the Physical Education Facility, Arts building, Administration building and several other locations. Depending upon the reader, it can be use to authorize access to University activities or purchase goods and services.

  The card readers are linked to the central database. Whenever a card is used, the system will know the balance in the cardholders account and their standing with regard to certain UAA privileges. For example, the system will know which individual cardholders are current students. Certain activities, events and discounts are only available to current students. When a card is swiped, the operator of the system device will be notified of the cardholders status. The operator can then use that knowledge to admit or not admit the cardholder or whether or not it is appropriate to apply a student discount. Readers at locations where goods and services can be purchased will verify that the account has sufficient funds prior to completing the transaction.

  The system will also contain information on which student fees have been paid. For example, the system will know which cardholders have paid the student health center fee, athletic program fee, PE facility use fee, student government fee, student media fee or student activities fee. Access to facilities, activities and events governed by payment of those fees will be determined by the ID card system.

*To get a WolfCard, you must be a student registered in the current semester, a currently employed staff/faculty, or in a currently active affiliate program.