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  • Departmental Files
  • How to Run Turnarounds

Adjuncts are instructors who teach part-time.  

  • FT or FW?
    How do you know which E-Class to use?  Use this handy flowchart and get your E-Class right every time!
  • How do I know how much to pay an Adjunct?

    Check their FTE in Banner.  We use the FTE field to show the number of previous semesters taught.

    • 0.000-0.004 = Step 1
    • 0.005-0.010 = Step 2
    • 0.011 and above = Step 3  

    Click here for the FY17 Adjunct Salary Scale.

  • Can we pay an adjunct off-scale?

    Yes.  You can pay an adjunct above the union scale.  If you pay them below scale be sure to include an explanation on the job form (i.e. low enrollment). 

    Use salary scale 00_CV, Step 0 to pay them off-scale.

  • Adjunct Union
    All FT assignments are union represented.  Don't forget to send in a Union Dues Form for all new adjuncts.

Student employees are really amazing.  

  • How do I know which E-Class to use?
    • Academic Year:      Students can work 20 hours a week  |  Non-Taxable (SN)
    • Summer Semester:
        • Students can work 40 hours a week     |     Taxable (ST)
        • Students can take 6 credits and work 20 hours a week     |      Non-Taxable (SN)
  • What if our student worker doesn't meet the GPA requirement?
    Submit a UAA Student Waiver form to the Dean of Student Affairs.  If their office approves the request, you can employ a student who is taking fewer than 6 credits or doesn't quite meet the GPA requirements.