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Welcome to the new Resource Center for Cost Center Clerks.  In the following pages, the HR Systems Team will provide you with easy access to resources that you'll need to do your job as a Cost Center Clerk (CCC).  CCC's are really HR Assistants spread around campus. Your departments will see you as a resource for all HR subject matters, ranging from benefits to paychecks.  You aren't expected to be an expert, but should know where to refer your employees.  

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Upcoming Training

 All trainings are held at ULB 104

General Banner HR Training: Wednesday, January 23, 8:30am-12pm 

This class covers all of the basic information that Cost Center Clerks need in order to do their job.  We’ll start with covering Banner HR and showing you how to decipher the information that you need.  You’ll learn about the different types of employees and what hiring paperwork is needed.  We’ll unravel the mysteries of the job form and show you some simple tips. By the end of the class you will know how to complete a Staff (NR/XR/CR) new hire job form. This is a beginner course; no previous experience is required. 

EPAF Training: Monday, January 28, 1pm-4pm

This class will cover the primary EPAF options:  Labor Distribution Changes, Continuing Student Assignments, and the Termination Workflow.  Intermediate course, you must have a general understanding of Banner HR and job forms.


**NEW** Temporary ECLS (NT/NX/XT/XX/CT) Training: Friday, January 25, 1pm-4:30pm

This course will break down the temporary regulations and help you decipher what type of temporary employee your department will be hiring. We will go over the different hours and potential benefits that temporary employee’s will have. A review of how to complete the job forms will also be conducted so you will be able to walk away with a strong understanding as to what is needed when hiring a temporary employee.


Please note:  Classes with fewer than 3 enrollees may be canceled ~ please be sure to sign up ahead of time by emailing Marcie Stavich.  

One-on-one and department training is also available.  Please email a member of the HR Systems Team to make arrangements for specialized training.  







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