Out-of-State Employee Procedure

The Work Activity Outside of Alaska Process Has Gone Paperless!!!

We are pleased to announce the implementation of the new online approval process for employees that plan to have work activity outside the state of Alaska.

The following link should replace any online links to the paper copy of the "Work Outside of Alaska Form": http://goo.gl/forms/8alojG3Jfs

  • Why are the forms online?

    The online process is faster and easier and has numerous benefits:

    • Routing is electronic and automated
    • Signatures are easier to get
    • Paper copies are eliminated
    • Telecommuting agreements are up-to-date
  • Why do we have to get special approvals for out-of-state employees?
    There are additional costs and administrative burdens that go along with out-of-state employees.  In the current fiscal environment, we have to be sure that out-of-state employees are really necessary to business.
  • How much will it cost my department to hire someone outside of Alaska?

    The Statewide Payroll office is establishing a flat rate payment system.  Departments will pay $115 per quarter for each out-of-state worker they have actively working. Actively working means the employee received any amount of wages during the quarter. 

    The rate will be adjusted prior to each fiscal year and will be based upon the actual costs incurred for out-of-state workers.

  • How do I know if I need to get approval for an out-of-state employee?

    Any employee who is working outside of Alaska for 60+ days must have a current Work Outside of Alaska form and Telecommuting Agreement on file.  Any employee who is not a resident of the State of Alaska and is working outside of Alaska will also have to have a current Work Outside of Alaska form and Telecommuting Agreement, regardless of how long they'll be working.  

  • Do I send this link to my empoyees?

    No.  The employee who is out-of-state will be on the routing queue for the paperwork.  This process is intended to be started by the Cost Center Clerk.  All agreements will be routed through the CCC, SWHR, Employee, Supervisor, Dean/Director, Regional Campus HR Director, Chancellor or Designee.  Copies of approvals will also be sent to SW Risk Services, SW Labor & Employee Relations (if applicable), and the Campus HR Systems Manager.  

  • What forms are generated?

    Once the request is submitted by the CCC, Laycie Schnekenburger at SWHR will prepare the Work Outside of Alaska form and the Telecommuting Agreement.  Also, if the out-of-state agreement is for a represented faculty member, she'll draft the Memorandum of Understanding for the union.  No forms will have to be generated by the department.  

  • I just submitted a request and I need to make changes, what can I do?

    Send an email to Laycie Schnekenburger.  She can update the documents and the email addresses for routing.  

  • How do I check on the status of a request I've submitted?

    Send an email to Laycie Schnekenburger.  She will be able to tell you where the documents are at in the routing. When all the signatures have been obtained and everything entered into Banner HR, you'll get an email from DocuSign to let you know that everything is finished.  

  • How do I know if my employee's telecommuting agreement has expired?

    Look on PEAEMPL.  See that light-bulb icon on the menu bar?  Click on that icon and another data box will open showing the expiration date for the telecommuting agreement.  If that field is blank that means we don't have a current form on file for the employee.  


If you still have questions, please contact your HR Consultant or Marcie Stavich


Process Steps:


PPA/ CCC: The PPA or CCC, under direction from the employee's dean/ director, will fill out the online form with the requested information to initiate the approval process.

SWOHR PBA tax Accountant:  The SW Tax Accountant will receive the request, and review the information. If there are any questions on the initial request, the Tax Accountant will contact the PPA/CCC that entered the information online. The Tax Accountant will perform the tax determination, and provide additional information, such as departmental costs or limitations based on location (i.e.: some states require special health coverage outside of the UA –provided health plan).

Employee:The employee will receive a DocuSign notice to review and sign the following forms:.

  • Employee Work Activity Outside of Alaska
    • Verify the information, residence, work location, etc. is correct
    • Acknowledge and approve deduction from pay for state withholding
  • Employee Telecommuting agreement
    • Verify the information is correct
    • Initial for agreement of responsibilities
    • Enter general work hours
    • Include additional comments as necessary
  • Draft Memorandum of Agreement (if represented by UNAC or UAFT)
    • Verify the information in the draft

Supervisor:  The supervisor will review the information in the documents provided by the employee and the SW Tax Accountant. The supervisor will provide the business justification for requesting the work activity outside of Alaska.

The supervisor will also provide information on the telecommuting agreement regarding the employee's schedule as needed.

Dean/ Director:  The dean/ director will review the information provided by the employee, supervisor, and the SW Tax Accountant, providing any additional comments to support or oppose the work activity outside of Alaska.

The dean/ director will also verify and approve the Fund and Organizational codes to use for departmental expenses.

Regional Campus HR Director:  The Regional HR director will review the information and approvals provided by the employee, supervisor, SW Tax Accountant, and departmental dean/ director.

The Regional HR director will provide an assessment for the Work Activity outside of Alaska. The Regional HR director will provide a recommendation for whether the Work Activity Outside of Alaska should be approved or denied by the Campus Chancellor (or designee)

The Regional HR Director will sign the telecommuting agreement, indicating they have reviewed the document, and list any modifications needed.

Chancellor or Designee:  The campus Chancellor or designee will review all forms, and indicate whether the work activity outside of Alaska has been approved as is, approved with modification (modifications will need to be noted in order to be valid), or denied with reason for denial indicated.

SW Risk Services:  SW Risk Services will receive a copy of the information to ensure that the employee will be covered by the University's insurance and workman's compensation policies.

Regional Campus HR Office:  The regional HR office will receive a copy of the information to perform data entry and ensure that deductions are set up appropriately.

The Regional HR office will sign the bottom of the WOA form, which can be swept directly in to OnBase.Retention is taken care of –there will be no need to hold on to a hard copy for one year after it has been scanned.

SW Labor and Employee Relations (if represented by UNAC or UAFT):  If the employee is represented by a union, the packet, including the Draft Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), will be sent to SW Labor and Employee Relations (LER) for review. LER will complete the MOA and retrieve agreement and signatures from the union representative.