Audio/Video Equipment Request

Equipment requests are now being migrated to 25Live.  This will allow for scheduling of AV resources (Both training and equipment requests) at the time of the event by schedulers allowing us to better respond to requests and manage available resources.  

The majority of rooms on campus are scheduled in 25Live at this time.  In scheduling those rooms the AV request simply needs to be added as a resource.

Rooms not scheduled in 25Live
For those rooms NOT scheduled in 25Live you will need to select ANY NS and place the requested location in the comments section.  We would also encourage to you suggest 25Live as a scheduling resource to the controlling party of those rooms to simplify future requests. 
(For more information on getting set up with 25Live please visit the primary 25Live Information Page)

Equipment Requests for Classes
Equipment requests for courses also must currently us the process outlined above for "rooms NOT scheduled in 25Live" due to course editing permissions.


The form below will still functional, but is gradually being phased out. 
Please consider using the method outlined above for all equipment requests. 

This form is sent to Audio Visual Services via e-mail for requests of the use of Audio Visual Equipment at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Requests made using this form must be made 1 business day in advance. This allows AV time to setup any special requests and e-mail back with a confirmation. Please be sure to double check your e-mail address. Requests are not considered confirmed until the customer receives a confirmation number via e-mail from AV staff.

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