Blackboard Course Merge Request


Use this form to request that UA Blackboard courses be merged. Once courses are merged, students who add/drop any of the merged courses are automatically added/disabled in the primary course.

Guidelines for Course Merge

  • To ensure compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), only courses administratively linked in Banner and taught by the same instructor(s) may be merged in Blackboard. These include a cross-listed or stacked pair of courses or two sections of the same course offered synchronously, which may use the same or different delivery methods (e.g. one face-to-face and the other online, two video conference sections).
  • You cannot request that multiple sections of the same course be merged (e.g. four sections of COMM A111), nor may multiple pairs of stacked or cross-listed courses be merged. This is not permissible under FERPA.
  • The Child and Primary Blackboard courses must be listed in the same semester
  • After merging, the Child courses will be made unavailable. Instructors should not make the Child courses available in the future
  • Course Merge will combine the Grade Center listing for all the students. If you require separate Grade Centers do not use Course Merge

Please enter the Course ID of the primary course. 

Example: CSCE_A999_001_201701

Please enter the Course ID's of the courses to be merged with the Primary course, one line at a time.

Example: CSCE_A999_001_201701