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Migrate Departmental Account to Google Delegated

Important Note: This form is for submitting a request to update existing exchange enabled departmental accounts. If you would like to request a new departmental email address please use the Department Resource Request form instead.

Existing Account Information

Existing Account Information

Please provide the account's username in order for us to update the information provided below with the account.

Sponsor/Account Manager Information

The account sponsor/manager is the person who can call the IT Services Call Center to request that access to the departmental account be added or removed for specific individuals. This must be an individual and not a group.

Departmental Account Information

Please provide the information below in order for the departmental account request to be completed.

Public Email Address Standards
When selecting a public email address it must conform to the following standards:

  • Alphanumeric characters A-Z (upper and lower case), 0-9
  • Up to 64 characters long
  • Words and abbreviations must be separated by a period (.)
  • No spaces or special characters
  • uaa.accounts.receivables
Public Display Name Standards
When selecting a display name it must conform to the following standards:
  • Length limit of 64 characters or less including spaces
  • <Optional Department Name/Abbreviation> Program or Use description
  • UAA Accounts Receivables
  • UAA IT Call Center
  • Alaska Airlines Center Ticket Sales
IT Services will try to honor requests for public email address and display names, but reserves the right to edit them at its discretion.

Please provide the name of the department responsible for this account.

Please provide a brief description of the primary purpose for what this account will be used for.

Please be aware with departmental accounts that are email/calendar enabled after the migration you will no longer be able to use this account as a workstation login. If for business reasons you need an account, other than your existing UA Username, for workstation logins please contact the UAA IT Call Center for assistance.

When sending a message from this account, this is what the displayed "reply to" email address will be. The public email alias will appear before the (e.g. Please provide only a single preferred alias to be set as the default "send-as" address.

When sending a message from this account, this is what the displayed "From" name will be.

Provide the UA email addresses of the people that needs access to this account (up to 25 people), including the sponsor if they need access to the account. Please, use a space between individual email addresses.

Please indicate if you would like for this account to be findable within the global address list. If selected directory information will include the Display Name and Public Email Address.