Web Hosting Request

General web hosting accounts are no longer provided by UAA IT Services.

UAA IT Services does provides web space for Staff, Faculty, and Departments.  On a per case basis, we will also provide this for students. This space is intended for University related projects and work only.

This space should not be used for:
  • Departmental homepages
  • Hosting content in place of Blackboard or Digication.
  • Storing static content (Text & Images)
  • For static content we recommend Google Sites or Office 365 SharePoint
CMS Web Hosting is for
  • University Department pages
  • University Organization pages
  • UAA Sponsored Club pages
Personal Web Hosting is for
  • Students needing to do application development required for a class in either ASP.NET or PHP
  • Faculty and Staff needing the space for projects that do not fall under the domain of CMS, Blackboard or Digication
  • This is a basic web hosting service and does not support such things as WordPress
Contact Information
Contact information where IT Services can reach you during the day
Site Information
Information about the requested site hosting
Note: personal account sitename = loginid, The website URL will be http://sitename.uaa.alaska.edu/
Sponsor Information
Sponsor information for student club requests.
I have read the below and agree to abide by its provisions. I understand that violation of the provisions stated in the policy may cause suspension or revocation of network access and related privileges, and could lead to disciplinary action as specified in the UA Policies and Regulations.


This agreement shall be signed by the Dean or Director of the school/department/organization who wishes to become an information provider prior to any information being linked into the system. For student organizations wanting to participate, this agreement will also be signed by the Faculty Advisor. Student organizations are subject to additional guidelines which are included in this document. It is understood that failure to comply with these responsibilities will result in the removal of information or links to information from the UAA web space.

As an information provider, I understand that my school/department/organization is responsible for any information that we provide to the UAA web space.

All information on UAA's web space must meet UAA's Policy on Appropriate Use of Computing Resources.

Any links will be to relevant Internet resources only and may not point to sources that are not pertinent to the interest of the department or organization. Links to personal home pages must follow UAA's Web Space Policy for Personal Home Pages.

Any data submitted to the UAA web space will be clearly labeled with the following information:

  • Email address, or both the name and phone number of the information provider (the person or persons in my school/department/organization assigned the task of maintaining the data).
  • Description, origin, and authority of copyrighted data.
  • Frequency with which data is updated, last revision date, or expiration date as applicable.
  • Any known omissions, problems or "bugs" in the data.

Student organizations must follow the Information Provider Agreement. Examples of student organization information that may be included are: Club mission statements/constitution, officers, office location and contact person, membership requirements and information, meeting schedules and agendas, faculty advisor, and links to web sites relating to the organization.

As an information provider, I hereby agree to the following:

  • I or my designee will regularly read our electronic mail and respond to questions, suggestions or problems presented by users or IT Services. Each web document we place in the UAA web space will include an email (mailto) link for comments at the bottom of the document.
  • I or my designee will examine any data we input into UAA's web space to verify its content and appearance and will correct any problems we may find.
  • I or my designee will keep our data current and remove it when it becomes outdated.
  • I understand that our data will be accepted at the discretion of IT Services and links may be moved or deleted at any time if they do not follow the agreed policies and responsibilities or is deemed inappropriate.
  • I understand that if my school/department/organization has its own server and UAA's web space provides a link to that server, we are bound by the policies and responsibilities set out in this agreement.
  • I understand that information placed in UAA's web space will be seen by the UAA community, nationally and internationally. As an information provider, I am aware that the data we submit to this system will reflect on the school/department/organization I represent and the University of Alaska system as a whole.

Statement of Responsibility

Access to computing systems, facilities, and equipment is granted to members of the University community for the conduct of University business and instruction with the understanding that such access is a privilege and carries with it certain responsibilities. Access is revoked upon termination of employment with the above stated department. Use of the facilities to interfere with the privacy or security of other users, for political purposes, for personal financial gain, or use that is in violation of the Regent's Policy on Information Technology and University Regulation 08.06.01, current UAA or IT Services computing policies is prohibited and may result in the loss of computing privileges. Please obtain and read a copy of the UAA Policy on Appropriate Use of Computing Resources and the Information Providers Agreement documents.

IT Services recognizes the fact that several individuals within a department may have a need to access the same web hosting account in the course of providing information. If you share this web hosting account with other people in your department, you agree to be responsible for the actions of those individuals. IT Services does not take responsibility for any information changes, additions or deletions that may occur from the departmental sharing of this account.

Password security is the best method of protecting the information you provide on your web hosting account. Be sure to guard this password as you would a long distance telephone access code. Passwords on the UAA web space are case-sensitive (in other words, a capital A is different from a lowercase a). Use passwords that are not easy to guess such as department or individual names. You must use either an uppercase character or a number in your password. Passwords must be 6-8 characters long.