Active Directory and Organizational Units

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Active Directory

Active Directory (AD) is a way to logically organizing users, computers, and resources on the UAA network. The UAA AD system (UAACTDIR) is organized into Organization Units (OU) that give members access to shared drives that contain proprietary information. The OU that a user belongs to is determined by the department or office of their employment.

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(X:) Shared Drive

These shared drives are mapped to the (X:) drive under the "Network Drives" section of My Computer on your Windows PC. Shared drives contain folder/file permissions for groups and individuals based on their required needs and access to department documents and resources.

(P:) Personal Folder

Another drive that will automatically appear under the "Network Drives" section of My Computer is the (P:) drive. The (P:) drive represents a users home folder that serves as a personal storage repository for documents that only the AD user has access.