Designated IT Professionals

Article Purpose

Designated IT professionals are those individuals in colleges, schools, and departments responsible for maintaining and installing software in support of their organization's business needs.

Additional Information

The University of Alaska Anchorage has a variety of Licensing Agreements (e.g. campus, site, or volume) with several software vendors, such as, but not limited to, Apple, Corel, Autodesk, IBM, SAS, and Microsoft, for a variety of software products.

Designated IT Professionals are those individuals who provides a technical support role for their organization and upon submittal and acceptance of the Designated IT Professional Agreement are granted access to a network file share containing the digital distributions of software products available under either campus, site, co-operative, or volume licensing.

Not all departments, schools, or colleges are participating in all possible software licensing agreements available to the University, accordingly designated IT Professionals will only be granted acces to the sub-set of software for which their orginization is participating in the corisponding licensing agreement.

Please note that every September, access to the software is audited.

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