Enabling Java in Chrome version 42 or higher

Article Purpose

The purpose of this article is show individuals how to enable Java in Chrome if they have updated to version 42 of Chrome.​​

Needed Materials

Version 42 or higher of the Chrome web browser​.​

Steps to Resolution

​1. Open Chrome.

  1. In the address bar enter and navigate to, "chrome://flags".
  2. Locate an entry labeled, "Enable NPAPI".
  3. Under the entry labeled, "Enable NPAPI" click, "Enable."
  4. Restart Chrome. 

Additional Information

Please keep in mind that this is only a work around as Google developers have slated to remove the, “Enable NPAPI” option in September of 2015.  Individuals who use Chrome to access Banner will have to switch to another web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari. For individuals running Microsoft Windows please consider Internet Explorer for use with Banner.  Individuals running Mac OS X should consider using either Mozilla Firefox or Safari for use with Banner.