How to set up email on an iPhone for Exchange 2010 users

Article Purpose

In this section you will learn how to set up your Iphone to connect to Exchange 2010. After completion you will be able to send and receive emails. You will also be able to see your calendars.​

Needed Materials

In order to connect your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to UAA’s Exchange 2010 service make sure you have the following:
  • iOS v2.0, or newer (formally referred to as iPhone firmware)
  • UAA Exchange account

Steps to Resolution

​Installing the UAA Exchange Profile
Configuring an iPhone, ipod Touch or iPad for UAA's Exchange email is done via installing a pre-configured profile. To do this you should visit this page using Safari from the device you want to configure and click on the following link to download and install the profile. Below are the instructions for connecting to UAA WiFi - Anchorage. We recommend you connect to Wi-Fi for faster connection speed. You may also use your data plan, but you will be charged according to your data plan contract.
Important Installation Note
Installing this profile will change settings and erase all existing calendars and contacts from your iPhone. It is strongly recommended that you connect your device to your workstation and allow it to sync with iTunes first, before proceeding as iTunes will create a backup of your device.

  1. Unlock your iPhone if not already unlocked.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Wi-Fi.
  4. If you are on UAA campus select UAA WiFi - Anchorage. If you aren’t on campus you can use any Wi-Fi connection or you can use your regular phone data plan. 
  5. Click the Home button then click the Safari icon. It will open up to an empty browser window.
  6. Click in the address bar and enter the following address: This will download and install a program to install the UAA mail profile.
  7. Click the UAA Exchange Mail profile.
  8. Click the Install button.
  9. A dialog box will be displayed asking to confirm the installation. Click Install Now.
  10. A prompt will be displayed for you to enter your email address. Make sure to enter your actual email address (i.e. rather than any alias you may have. Then click Next.
  11. Next enter your username. Once completed, click Next. Make sure you enter your username exactly as follows: ua\username ( i.e. ua\jrsmith). 
  12. You will next be prompted to enter your password. After you have entered it click Next.
  13. You will see an option to click Done , on the next screen. When you click Done, you will be returned to the main screen.

Additional Information

Mobile devices have certain inherent limitations. The following are things to be aware of when using these devices:

  • Data service is only available where EDGE/3G/4G/WiFi reception is offered.
  • Not all devices offer all forms of data service. Features vary by model.
  • If your device’s battery becomes completely depleted, it may take a while after the device is recharged before it resumes syncing with UAA’s Exchange server. In some cases powering off/powering on the device may cause it to resume sooner.