Forwarding from Google Mail to Another Address

Article Purpose

​Setup mail forwarding to direct all mail from the UA Google Mail account to another address.

Needed Materials

​Preferred Web Browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox)

UA domain username & password

Steps to Resolution

Some users may wish to forward their Google Mail accounts to another email account that they more regularly check. Google has made this process fairly simple and easy to follow. Simply follow along with the next steps in your web browser to forward your mail to another inbox.

To begin, sign into your Google Mail account by visiting the following web address

Read and accept the terms and conditions
Enter the “CAPTCHA” letters as they appear in the image

At this point, you will be successfully signed into your Google Mail account, and your screen should show the inbox.

  • Move your mouse curser to the top right hand corner of the screen and look for the gear icon. Clicking on this icon will allow you to access ‘Mail Settings’
    Once you have clicked on ‘Mail Settings’ the Settings screen should appear.
    ·         Click on the section labeled ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’
    ·         Click ‘Add a forwarding address’
    ·         Enter your email address that you wish all Google Mail to be forwarded to into the field provided and click ‘Next”
    ·         Click ‘OK’
    ·         Login to your destination email account to retrieve the confirmation code sent to you by Google
    ·         Enter the confirmation code into the field provided in the Settings screen and click ‘OK’
    ·         Click the option to “Forward a copy of incoming mail…” to enable the forward.

At this point, all mail sent to your email address will automatically forward a copy to your destination email address. To turn the forward off, simply return to this location and click ‘Disable forwarding’.

Additional Information

Please note that this How To guide is designed to assist users who are users of the UA Google Mail system.

If you require further assistance with your setup, please contact the UAA Service Center.