Premier Assistive Technology Software

Article Purpose

The University of Alaska Anchorage maintains a site wide license for the Accessibility Suite from Premier Literacy.

Download the bundled Premiere Literacy Productivity Pack!

For logon information, or questions and concerns, please contact Disability Support Services. DSS is located in Rasmuson Hall 105 and can be reached at 786-4530 or

The bundled Premiere Literacy Productivity Pack contains the following tools in a single download (Windows only):

  • Workshop Wizard
    Great for filling out forms and annotating worksheets and PDF files. Lets you convert existing hardcopy worksheets to electronic format for completion using your computer.
  • Write Now

    Writing tool optimized for working with online or proprietary applications. Works with "cloud applications" like Google Docs, email, Facebook, and word processors such as Microsoft Word and WordPerfect.

  • Premier Internet Toolbar

    Multi-functional toolbar displays each time your Internet browser is accessed, providing a convenient set of useful tools for accessing and capturing Internet-based information more efficiently.

  • Scan and Read Pro
    Compatible with most flat bed scanners. Just place a book on the scanner and within a few seconds Scan and Read Pro can be reading it to you.
  • Talking Word Processor
    Talking Word Processor has an integrated dictionary and the world’s most powerful talking grammar check.
  • PDF Equalize
    PDF Equalizer can access, read, work with and supplement PDF files from ANY source. Includes multi-lingual support -- dynamically change the user interface to the language of your choice in English, French, or Spanish.
  • PDF Magic Pro
    Outstanding for converting inaccessible PDF files to accessible formats.
  • Text-To-Audio
    Convert documents from your computer into MP3 audio files. Use with your personal player while you are away from your computer.
  • E-Text Reader
    A tremendous strudy tool that allows you to highlight, bookmark, search and extract text from a document.
  • Universal Reader Plus
    Ideal for reading emails and web pages.
  • English Talking Dictionary
    A 250,000-word Ultimate Talking Dictionary with an integrated thesaurus with partial word look-up.
  • Talking Calculator
    An easy-to-use fully functional calculator that reads your calculations to you.

*Please note that applications featuring text-to-speech will use the voices available on the computer – additional male and female voices are available and can be set as the default voice for all programs that read out loud.

Disability Support Services encourages the use of these programs and can provide training and support for those interested in learning more. Please contact DSS with any questions. We are located in Rasmuson Hall 105.
We can also be reached at 786-4530 or

For a full listing of the programs available through the Breaking Down Barriers grant please see the Reading Made EZ Website.

The Site-wide license applies to all university computer stations on all UAA campuses. Students with documented disabilities may be able to obtain free home licensing by contacting Disability Support Services.

System Requirements:
Windows 7, Vista, XP

Internet Browser:
Internet Explorer 6 or newer

Display Resolution:
1024 by 768 or higher recommended