What is Copyright Infringement at UAA

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Each new semester is accompanied by unusually high increases in copyright infringement violations from within UAA’s campus network. Copyright violations are mostly associated with illegal Music, Video and Software downloads or file sharing. Agencies such as the Motion Picture Association and the Business Software Alliance continually monitor network activity and notify UA’s legal council when they discover theft of their property from within the University of Alaska’s network. Fines associated with theft of copyrighted material can go as high as $150,000.00 per incident.

Personal computers on UAA’s network are identified by several different means. These include user names, IP addresses, and the unique MAC address associated with each network interface card (NIC). Users or owners of personal computers are responsible for activity on UAA’s data network from their personal computers.

Best practices to protect yourself include setting up a unique username and password for your computer and by removing any peer to peer file sharing programs. UAA’s copyright infringement policy is available for review at: 

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