Wireless Network Overview

The University of Alaska Anchorage has installed wireless Ethernet networks (specifically, 802.11b, g, n and ac networks) that covers the main campus and several off-site locations. This service is available to all current students, staff, and faculty. There are two types of wireless locations on campus; guest and secure. It supports PCs, MACs, and a variety of handheld devices.

Self Registration Portal: UAA WiFi - Guest


  • One time account creation for internet access w/ an 8 hour account expiration for use with any 802.11b/g/n/ac wireless adapter.
  • Higher per client bandwidth than UAA WiFi - Public.


  • Restricted network access.
  • Only TCP ports 80, 8080, 8007, 8010, 8011, and those used for streaming media will be open.
  • UAA WiFi - Guest SSID is only in specific buildings and locations on campus generally used by the public.

How to connect

On your system open up your list of available wireless networks, choose UAA WiFi - Guest. Once associated open a web browser and try to browse to a webpage, you will be redirected to the Self Registration Portal. Follow the instructions to setup your Guest account for internet access. If you have issues please contact the UAA IT Call Center at 907-786-4646.

Secure Wireless: UAA WiFi - Anchorage


  • Full network access.
  • No port restrictions.
  • Uses WPA2 Enterprise for authentication and encryption of all data transmitted over wireless.
  • Uses Certificates.
  • Requires one time setup per device.