Sample Promotion Spuds

These are ways you can display events from 25Live on your web page other than the Calendar Views. To add any of the below types of Calendars to your webpage use the 25Live Promotion Spud snippet. All Calendars will auto resize to fit the space they are in. Below explains where to get the values that are needed in the snippet.

  • Type: the type of promotion spud you want to use. The value to be used is listed as the Snippet Type above each preview listed below.
  • Calendar Web Name: the name that identifies that web calendar feed from 25Live publisher to be used. If you do not have access to publisher to look this up you can submit a request to UAA IT Services, they will need to know the 25Live name of your calendar.
  • Teaser Base: the URL for the full/main version of this calendar. This is required for the hyperlink on the Event Name, goes to full details of event, and the "Go To Calendar" to work. Since Promotion Spuds are only intended to show  small selection of events on a calendar it is recommended to always have a page where the full version of the calendar is published using the 25Live Calendar by Views snippet. If you do not intend to have a full version of your Calendar you have two options for how  you handle this.
    1. use another calendar from 25Live publisher that has a full version published, such as one of the UAA Master Calendars. For this to work you must make sure that your events are always added to this other calendar or the hyperlinks for the Event Name will not work. 
    2. Edit the setting for these features for the promotion spud you are using in 25Live Publisher. They should be under the Settings tab, in the section Display Options. One is "Event Title Link" which you should set to "None". The other is "Footer calendar link label" which you should remove any value for and leave blank. 

When you first add it to your web page it will get the default settings seen below. There are many settings for each Promotion Spud such as what fields are shown, date format, font sizes, font colors and more. Length can also be controlled by limiting the number of events it displays. Settings are by Spud and the calendar they are populated from. So you can have one calendar using more than one Promotion Spud on different web pages. You can also have two calendars using the same Promotion Spud with different settings on each calendar. All Settings for Promotion Spuds are done in 25Live Publisher.

Day Summary

 Snippet Type = daysummary


Upcoming Events

Snippet Type = upcoming


Event Slider

Snippet Type = eventslider


List by Month Upcoming

Snippet Type = listbymonthupcoming


Photo Upcoming

Snippet Type = upcomingphoto

Note: If Event image exists, it will show as a thumbnail to the left of the Event Text. Similar to the Date Icons on the Upcoming Events spud.


Upcoming Preview  

Snippet Type = upcomingpreview


Upcoming Date Table

Snippet Type = upcomingdatetable


Upcoming Fader List (wait 6 seconds to see)

Snippet Type = upcomingfader


Upcoming Grouped

Snippet Type = upcominggrouped

Note: If event is reoccurring, it will list all occurrences beneath the Event Location.


Upcoming Table

Snippet Type = upcomingtable


Upcoming Vertical Crawler

Snippet Type = upcomingvcrawler