About Locations

A Location in 25Live can be any space we want to schedule. This is not restricted to spaces that are officially designated as a space on the floor plans or in AIM. There are Locations in 25Live that are parts of official spaces, so they can be scheduled separately. All spaces considered a schedulable space are added into 25Live based on information from the UAA Facilities software AIM. Please note that although these spaces are in 25Live it does not mean the department that has been given assigning authority over the space is using 25Live to schedule it.

Tips For Searching

If you know when the event needs to be start by creating your event and search for your Location during the creation of your event. The Location search in the event wizard will help you find a room that is available when you need it and fits the expected number of attendees for your event.

If you know the Location you want then it is easiest to do a Keyword search using a word that is in either the Location Name or Formal Name fields. If you are searching by what the room is called try not to be too specific. For example the Lyla Richards Conference Room in the Student Union I would search by "Lyla", this is short and should apply to very few rooms.

If you do not know what Location you want, try using the Advanced search options (Categories, Layouts, Features and Capacity) to narrow down your search. Make sure that if you select more than one from one of these lists that you set the appropriate criteria or that list, this is the All or Any setting. The criteria setting tells it to find Locations that meet either all or any of the items in the list the criteria is for. If you get no results from your search try removing some of the criteria, I would start with removing layouts first then features or changing capacities.

If you search from in the Event Wizard be aware of the two checkbox controlled filters under the search results box. The first one will make sure it only shows you Locations you have permissions to either request or assign. This includes not showing Locations hat are not available during the date and time of you selected. If you know the Location you want and it is not appearing in your search results, try unchecking this box. Then look at then hover your curser over the icon to the left of it and it will give a message as to why it why it is not available.


Category What It Indicates About a Room
Anchorage Main Campus All rooms in buildings on the main campus area along Providence Drive in Anchorage. Buildings are included based on being within short walking distance along well maintained walkways with well defined pedestrian crosswalks. This Does not include the buildings on University Lake Drive but does include UAA Housing buildings and the Alaska Airlines Center.
Art Studio A workshop space setup and equipped specifically for creating the type of art the studio is for. These spaces do not have layouts and features found in spaces for lecture based classes.
Atrium/Lobby Open space at the entrance to a building or floor. Please note: that lobbies/waiting rooms for department office suites are categorized as Offices.
Auditorium/Theater  Large rooms with stepped floors with rows seats for an audience looking down on a central raised stage.
Classroom/Seminar Room Rooms designed to have an instructor/presenter at the front of the room were students/attendees sit where they can view the front. These come in various sizes and layouts with different equipment installed. Check the layouts and features of a room to see the kind details about the room.
Computer Lab Room with computer stations for students to use to work on course work. These are not laid out in a manner to accommodate teaching and cannot be reconfigured.
Conference Room Rooms that have a central table or group of tables with chairs around it.
Dining Hall A large room with scattered table with chairs for eating.
Eagle River Campus All rooms in the Eagle River Center building.
Entire Building Represent entire buildings, use of these rooms may reserve all spaces in the building for the event.
Entire Campus Represent entire campus, used for displaying Campus Wide on event on web calendars. 
Gallery For the display and sale of works of art.
Generic/Place Holder Locations that are not actual places. These are used as workflows or to display a something in the Location field on web calendars that are not actual places.
Health Exam Room Room designed for a particular type of health examination. Such as a dental or medical exam room.
Kodiak Campus All rooms on the Kodiak Campus.
Laboratory Room for scientific research or teaching.
Lecture Hall Room with a typical teaching design with tiered/stepped floor with chairs with table arm or tables and chairs facing forward to an instructor/presenter area.
Lounge A public space or private room with couches or soft chairs for people to sit and relax.
Mat-Su Valley Campus  All rooms on the Mat-Su Valley Campus in Palmer.
Multi-Purpose Reconfigurable rooms that can be setup for various purposes. Check the room details to see the layouts and equipment available in the room.
Music Room Rooms specifically designed for instructing and/or performing music. May have some degree of sound dampening and musical instruments in the room.
Non-University Places that are not owned or leased by the University. They are used for UAOnline Courses and to display the location on web calendars as a hyperlink to the location on Google Maps. Use of these locations is restricted because users must understand how to use then and affirm they understand using the selecting these locations does not request the location.
Office An individual person’s office or a department’s office suite lobby.
Outdoor Space Any space that is outdoors. Outdoor space is broken out into different areas that can be reserved for events.
Parking Facility  Parking lots and garages.
Walkway Corridors for people to move between rooms and buildings such as the sky bridges. 
Physical Fitness/Sport This are spaces setup and equipped for different physical fitness and sports. The type of equipment in the room varies depending on what type of fitness or sport the room is designed for.
Prince William Sound Campus All rooms on the Prince William Sound Campus in Valdez.
Requestable by Anyone Spaces that the department that has assigning authority over the space has decided to allow anyone with a UA Login to request to use.
Schedule in 25Live Spaces that the department that has assigning authority over has setup and is scheduling in 25Live. Note: just because it is scheduled 25Live does not mean you can request to use the space.
Special Use This is rooms that are setup for specific purposes. Make sure to check the details for the space before requesting or scheduling it.
Study/Practice Room These are small rooms designed for either one or a few students to study or practice course materials. Please check the details of the space for details on the type of practice it may be setup as. For example it may be a Music Practice room that does not have a table or desk.
Theater Prep Rooms that are setup specifically for purposes related to creating or hosting performances.
Vehicles/Mobile Locations University vehicles.
Workstation Spaces within rooms that are setup to be used individually. Usually used for the scheduling of special equipment.

Terms To Know

Scheduled in 25Live - locations that have been setup and are being scheduled using 25Live. This does not mean you can request to use the space. It is up to the Assigning Organization to determine the permissions for 25Live user groups to their spaces. The best way to know what you can Assign or Request is by looking at the Location Status in the search results.

Requestable by Anyone - locations that the Assigning Organization has decided to make requestable by anyone. This is a Category you can filter Location searches by to help find locations you can request.

Assigning Organization - the University Department that has been given assigning authority over the space. Please note that no spaces belong to individual departments. For more information about how University spaces are managed check with Facilities & Campus Services.

Used for Classes - used to refer to rooms that are used by Courses on the University Academic Catalog. Please note the term Classroom designates a type of room configuration.

Classroom - refers to the configuration of the room and nothing else. Should not be used refer to rooms that are used for Courses on the University Academic Catalog. There are many rooms that are not in this configuration that are used for Courses and some rooms in this configuration that are not used for Courses.

Location Name - name of the field in 25Live that is also referred to as the Location short name or identifier. Is the official building abbreviation and room number as listed the official floor plan. If the Location is part of an official space then it will have an additional designator set by the Assigning Organization for the space. Outside spaces are the Building abbreviation and a word to help define the space.

There are a few building abbreviations that are not the official abbreviations because they must match what is in Banner for Courses to import. Due to difficulties in changing these in Banner we are still working on getting these corrected. Below are the official building abbreviation an equal sign then the abbreviation used in 25Live. 


Location Formal Name - name of the field in 25Live that is also referred to as the full Location name. The naming convention for this field is [Campus Identifier] - [Full Building Name] - [Room Number and/or what the room is named]. For example the Lyla Richards Conference Room in the Student Union is "UAA - Student Union - Room 103, Lyla Richards Conference Room".

Layouts - The different layouts the furniture in the room can be placed in. Locations that have more than one layout can be rearranged/reconfigured but must be put back into their default layout before you leave. Locations with only one layout listed should not be rearranged/reconfigured. Can be used to search for location, Under Advanced Search options for Locations.

Features - equipment and furniture installed or considered part of the rooms. This is items that should not be removed from the room. Can be used to search for location, Under Advanced Search options for Locations.