Theft Prevention

  1. Never abandon your belongings. It is common for students to walk away from their book-bag or backpack to find a library book or get a snack from the vending machine and return to find their bag gone. Take the bag with you, or have a trusted friend watch over it.
  2. Don't bring excessively valuable belongings to campus. If you value something, chances are someone else will too. Professional thieves will often watch for people flashing valuables or large amounts of cash and lay in wait for the opportunity to take it, sometimes violently.
  3. Lock your belongings. There are lockers available to rent at a variety of locations around campus and bicycle racks can be found near just about every building. Purchase a heavy duty lock to secure your items with.
  4. Secure your vehicle. Keep your car locked with the windows rolled up.
  5. Keep belongings out of sight. If you have to leave items in your car, secure them in the trunk or under the seat. Professional thieves will often times stroll past vehicles in the parking lot looking through the windows for attractive items. When they find something, a quick smash of the window gives them quick and easy access. The item you left inside may be completely worthless, but replacing a window can be very costly.
  6. Record serial numbers. Make it a habit to record serial numbers of your belongings and/or engrave your Alaska driver’s license number somewhere on it. If an item is stolen and later recovered by the police it can quickly be returned to you.
  7. Be aware of others. Always maintain the attitude that bad people walk among us every day. When you see someone that doesn't look right, assume that they are up to no good and report them to the police.