101 - Accounting Questions and Assistance

Finance 101: Accounting  Questions and Assistance


To help members of the university community obtain assistance in financial processing and accounting matters.  


Budget and Finance serves the university community by processing financial transactions and providing accounting services.

For any questions not answered by a review of the various policies, regulations, and procedures or where there are any concerns regarding a specific financial transaction, department personnel should contact:

  1. The business manager located within their college/department or

  2. An accountant within Budget and Finance

Question Category


Agency accounts General Accounting & Budget
Budget management General Accounting & Budget
Direct pay expenses Accounts Payable & Travel
Financial system training Financial Systems
Gaming activities General Accounting & Budget
Labor redistribution General Accounting & Budget
Payments and disbursements Accounts Payable & Travel
Petty cash & change funds Accounts Payable & Travel
Property management General Accounting & Budget
Receipts and cash handling Cashiering
Representational & non-rep. expenses Accounts Payable & Travel
Signature authority Accounts Payable & Travel
Student receivables Accounts Receivable
Travel Accounts Payable & Travel
WOLFcard WOLFcard Services

 Significant concerns may also be addressed to the Director of Financial Services
Effective: 7/10/2005, Revised 11/6/20