101 - Facility Management

Housing, Dining & Conference Services 101: Facility Management


To enhance the living experience for resident students and provide a positive living, learning and dining experience for the UAA community


Board of Regents Policy P05.15.010

Business Services 102: Auxiliary Service Enterprises


Auxiliary Service Enterprises: Separately organized university units specifically established to sell goods or services on a continuing basis to individuals—students, faculty, staff, alumni and other members of the university community. Auxiliary units are operated primarily for the convenience and necessity of students and the campus community.


Residence halls are self-supporting auxiliary service enterprises that furnish essential services to students and authorized persons attending educational activities supported by the institution. Together with the residential life program, Housing, Dining & Conference Services believes that living on campus greatly enhances the university experience. The goal of Housing, Dining & Conference Services is to provide an environment that is comfortable, safe and supportive of the educational needs of our resident student body. To achieve that goal, facilities will be operated, maintained, repaired and renovated on a continuing basis to preserve the quality of the UAA residential experience. The fees charged for services will be commensurate with these goals and will conform to the pricing policies for auxiliary service enterprises.

Residents will be encouraged to participate in committees to provide feedback on Housing, Dining and Conference Services' policies.

Effective: 10/25/2005