102 - Housing Eligibility

Housing, Dining & Conference Services 102: Housing Eligibility


To explain the eligibility requirements for university housing


Board of Regents Policy P05.15.010

Board of Regents Policy P09.08.010

Board of Regents Policies R09.08.020-050   Guide to Living on Campus


Enrollment Requirements To live on campus, students must maintain a minimum enrollment of twelve or more credits each semester during the academic year and minimum of three credits per session during the summer. Requests for exceptions should be directed to the Director of University Housing before enrolling in less than the minimum enrollment requirements. Students enrolled in less than the minimum credits without the advance permission of the Director of University Housing will be given a maximum of 48 hours to vacate student housing and will be charged according Cancellation and Release Schedule contained in the Housing and Dining Agreement.

Academic, Financial and Behavior Requirements Additional eligibility requirements include the following:

  • While living in student housing, residents must meet the minimum qualifications for satisfactory academic progress as specified in current UAA academic regulations.

  • Students must fulfill and be current in all the financial obligations they have with the university.

  • All students must abide by the Student Code of Conduct (contained in the Guide to Living on Campus). Housing may be denied or an agreement terminated for past or present behavior if, in the judgment of the Senior Student Affairs Officer or designee, such behavior may threaten university property or the health and safety of residents.

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Effective: 10/25/2005