104 - Payments & Deposits

Housing, Dining & Conference Services 104: Payments & Deposits


To explain the payment & deposit policy for housing and dining


Board of Regents Policy P05.15.010


Intention Process: An action required of students to provide Housing, Dining and Conference Services with their residency intent for the following semester. During this process at mid-semester, residents are asked to sign a new Housing and Dining Agreement or announce their intention to not return.


Payment Deadlines & Non-Payment Actions All university housing and dining fees must be paid by the academic payment deadline specified in the semester schedule. Failure to pay all fees according to the Housing and Dining Agreement may result in the assessment of additional charges associated with the cost of collecting this debt. To prevent the student from incurring additional debt, registration activity may be blocked at all University of Alaska campuses until the debt is paid in full.

Security Deposit A security (reservation) deposit payment is required with the submission of the Housing and Dining Agreement unless this amount is already available on account. The purpose of the deposit is to:

  • Encourage the faithful performance of the agreement, and

  • Pay for damages beyond normal wear and tear.

The resident's liability is not limited to the security deposit. Additional charges may be assessed if the costs associated with damages or the agreement violations exceed the amount of the security deposit.

The security deposit is subject to forfeiture for failure to complete a check-in or for not completing an occupancy period. The forfeiture will be determined in conformance with the Cancellation and Release Schedule of the Housing and Dining Agreement.

If the forfeiture requirements specified in the Cancellation and Release Schedule don't apply, the resident must request the deposit refund within sixty day of checkout or forfeit the security deposit. Upon request, the deposit, less any charges for damages, will be returned approximately ten weeks after the end of the student's final agreement session.

Intention Fee All residents are required to participate in the "Intention Process" held at mid-semester. Those residents that fail to attend will be charged a fee.


Effective: 10/25/2005