106 - Facility Usage & Care

Housing, Dining & Conference Services 106: Facility Usage & Care


To specify the resident's responsibility for the use and care of the housing unit


Board of Regents Policy P05.15.010 Guide to Living on Campus


Occupancy The assigned accommodation shall be used solely and exclusively for private residence purposes, and shall be occupied only by the designated resident and guests. Persons other than the one(s) listed on the Housing and Dining Agreement may not occupy the premises as permanent residents.

Damage Each student resident is responsible for care and preservation of the assigned housing unit, its equipment and the joint use areas of residential housing. The resident is responsible for damage, beyond normal wear and tear, to the unit and any furnishing located therein.

To avoid damage, students are required to observe rules in the Guide to Living on Campus and the Facilities Usage and Maintenance section of the Housing and Dining Agreement. Damage should be reported to the Housing Office. No repairs should be undertaken by the resident. All repairs to residential facilities must be performed by university personnel or contractors engaged by the university.

Cleaning The resident is responsible for the cleaning, trash removal and overall general daily maintenance of the unit during their tenancy. Cleaning agreements will established to assist residents in determining who will be responsible for cleaning specific parts of the common areas of your unit.

Energy Conservation To minimize housing fees, residents are asked to conserve electricity and water use when possible. Windows, doors, and garage doors should be closed during winter months to prevent pipes from freezing and a loss of heat or hot water. Lighted signs are prohibited in student rooms and common areas.

Effective: 10/25/2005