107 - Liability

Housing, Dining & Conference Services 107: Liability


To state the university policy on the responsibility for personal property


Board of Regents Policy P05.15.010


Personal Property: Property of any kind except real property or property permanently affixed thereto. For this policy, it is items of property belonging to or in the custody of the residents.


Personal Injury and Property Liability In the absence of gross negligence or willful misconduct on its part, the university does not assume liability for personal injury or property loss. No liability is assumed for the loss, damage, fire, or theft of personal property from any cause, and no liability is assumed for articles left on premises when residents vacate. The university assumes no responsibility or liability for any loss or imposition resulting from the interruption of essential services for reasons beyond the control of the university. The university is not liable for a resident's personal property, for any reason, when it is in common areas including hallways, lobbies, grounds, sidewalks, courtyards, storage areas, bicycle racks, laundry rooms, and parking lots.

The Housing and Dining Agreement contains an indemnity and hold-harmless clause to protect the university from suits, claims or actions relating to personal injury and property damage or loss.

Facility Liability The resident is responsible for damages, repairs and alterations to a unit or its equipment, normal wear and tear excepted. The university will bill residents who damage residential property, even if the damage occurs accidentally.

Effective: 10/25/2005