109 - Visitors and Guests

Housing, Dining & Conference Services 109: Visitors and Guests


To set forth the policy for visitors and guests


Board of Regents Policy P05.15.010


Resident Guests: Any individuals who are not contracted residents of the specific room or building in question. University Guests: Persons participating in university-sponsored conferences, seminars, orientation programs, workshops, short courses, and noncredit academic activities or visitors on official university business


Resident Guests: The resident host is responsible for the behavior of his/her visitors or guests and must accompany them at all times. The host should ensure that the guests comply with all university regulations and policies. The host is responsible for all policy violations, property damage and behavioral disruptions caused by the guest's intentional acts, personal negligence or carelessness. The rules for the overnight accommodation of guests are contained in the Guide to Living on Campus or the Housing and Dining Agreement. Persons who are not residents may be asked to leave a resident building if they are unable to demonstrate that they are a guest of a resident or on university business. Guest will be asked to leave if they are violating policies, damaging property or showing the potential to cause harm to themselves or others.

University Guests: In support of teaching, research, and community service missions at UAA, Housing, Dining & Conference Services may provide housing to university guests, depending on space availability. When guest housing is available, it is only available to persons visiting the university on official business or attending conferences sponsored by a university department. Guests are assigned to residence halls on a space available basis. Guests are responsible for complying with all university guidelines for use of university facilities. Youth groups (participants under 18 years of age) must furnish one adult live-in counselor per 20 youths.

Effective: 10/25/2005