University Web Content and Administration Policy

I. Preamble 

The University of Alaska Anchorage (hereafter, UAA) is acutely aware of the strategic importance of all web content that represents, describes and is otherwise a key part of its programs and organizations.  Currently, over 38,000 individual web pages are organized into various Websites within UAA’s Web Space (see III. Terms of Reference).  A Chancellor-appointed Web Board was created in June 2003 to oversee all content and design information, to ensure continuity within the UAA Web Space, and to direct the development and evolution of the Institutional Website in specific (see III. Terms of Reference).  

The dynamic nature of web publishing and information management provides challenges to ensure that all web content (represented by web pages and Websites) meets UAA’s quality and accuracy standards. To meet these standards, the basic terms of reference, policy and procedures in this Administrative Procedure will guide organizations using UAA Web Space in basic operational minimums and best practices with the goal of professionally representing UAA.

II. Purpose

The Web Board’s purpose is to establish the following:

  1. Operational definitions of discrete web pages and associated content within the UAA Web Space.
  2. Minimum requirements for hosting and content management within the UAA Web Space.
  3. Authority to manage content standards and consistency of UAA’s brand for all web page content within the UAA Web Space.
  4. Minimum standards for development and operation of the Institutional Website.
  5. Acceptability standards for web applications outsourcing and linking within the UAA Web Space.

III. Terms of Reference

  1. UAA Web Space

    All discrete web pages that are collectively housed within UAA’s Internet domain ( and/or are housed on web hosts which reside within UAA’s TCP/IP address space.
  2. Institutional Website

    UAA’s primary Website that is referenced by the URL  This Website resides within the UAA Web Space and represents all functional services and areas within UAA that are of interest to current and prospective students, employees, patrons and constituents.  This Website is built upon IT Services’ enterprise content management system and web hosting environment.
  3. Website

    A collection of one or more inter-related web pages organized under a main or home page that is coordinated by an individual, organization or group.
  4. Unit Website

    A Website operated by an officially recognized entity within UAA that is separate from but linked to the Institutional Website and resides within the UAA Web Space.  Unit Websites may use institutional content management systems and hosting services but this is not a requirement.
  5. Personal Website

    A Website that is under the exclusive management of an employee or student and which contains content of personal or professional interest to that individual.
  6. Content Management System (CMS)

    A software-based system that assists Web Engineers in the construction of Website frameworks and enables Content Administrators to add, edit and remove content from Websites.  Using standard features like templates and style sheets, the CMS will allow UAA to maintain a consistent look and feel across its Web Space.
  7. Sponsor

    The supervisor of the unit authorizing the Website within the UAA Web Space.
  8. Responsible Party

    Individuals assigned by a department or Website sponsor to maintain content and navigation quality.
  9. Content Administrator

    The individual responsible for using content management tools to structure and organize content within a Website’s infrastructure.
  10. Web Engineer

    Individuals responsible for technical design and support of Website infrastructure.
  11. Technical Writer

    Also referred to as copywriters, they are responsible for identification, development and editing of original content that is placed into a defined Website.
  12. Commercial Advertising

    Any banner advertising or links to external organizations for the purpose of advertising.
  13. UAA Lettermark

    The distinctive university logo of the “swoosh” superimposed over the letters “UAA.”  As an approved and trademarked image, this logo cannot be changed or altered in any way.
  14. UAA Wordmark

    The name, “University of Alaska Anchorage” in the distinctive and kerned Galliard typeface.  Used as UAA’s primary visual identification in the community.  As an approved and trademarked image, the wordmark cannot be changed or altered in any way. 

IV. Procedure/Policy

  1. Web Hosting and Authority

    The Institutional Website and all Unit Websites will reside on equipment owned by UAA and will be managed by UAA personnel. All Website Sponsors must provide name and contact information for the Responsible Party to the IT Services Network and Systems Operation Center (N/SOC) and ensure that this information is kept current.  The Responsible Party is accountable for all web operations, including but not limited to website availability and link/application management.
  2. Linking and External Services

    Websites may freely use links to Websites outside of the UAA Web Space.  Similarly, Websites may incorporate outsourced application services from providers who operate outside of the UAA Web Space.
  3. Accessibility

    All defined Websites within the UAA Web Space must meet federal and state statutes or regulations, Regents' Policy, and University Regulations regarding accessibility standards for individuals with disabilities.
  4. Accuracy

    Content placed within the Institutional Website will be the reference standard for accuracy.  Unit Websites will ensure accuracy in their re-use or rendering of content originally placed on the Institutional Website.  Further, original content placed within Unit Websites will maintain highest levels of accuracy.
  5. Naming Conventions

    Subsite names for departments, organizations and functional areas are subject to the approval of the UAA Web Board.  The standard for UAA sites within the CMS is:   The standard for sites on the hosting server is  Exceptions are subject to the approval of the Web Board. 
    1. Extended campuses will have the naming convention:  For example, Matanuska-Susitna College would have the URL:
    2. Colleges and schools will have the naming convention:  For example, The College of Business and Public Policy’s URL would have the URL:
    3. System Requirements
      1. Within the CMS, subsite default documents, also known as the subsite home page, must be named index.cshtml. 
      2. On the hosting server, default documents should follow industry standard of index.htm, index.html, default.aspx, index.cshtml, depending on the web technology used in the site.
      3. Subsite names and file names within the CMS should be lower-case.  Lower-case makes it easier for users to navigate to the subsite.
  6. Content Management

    A single commercial Content Management System, or CMS, will be adopted as a standard within the UAA Web Space. 
    1. Look/Feel and Navigational Standard:  Page font, color, header, footer, secondary-header image, breadcrumb and right and left navigation will follow the standard as defined by the UAA Institutional Web Project Team.  Deviations are subject to the approval of the UAA Web Board.
    2. Subsite organization and navigation is subject to the approval of the UAA Web Board.
    3. Pages and images are subject to the approval of the Web Board to ensure the institutional look and feel standards are kept.
    4. No animated images with the exception of Flash programs, subject to the approval of the UAA Web Board.
    5. No redundant information.  Content is owned by the department from which it originates.
    6. Use of sound is subject to the approval of the UAA Web Board.
    7. Home Page (  Individual departmental or organizational links on the UAA home page are not authorized unless part of a featured event or story.  All departments are categorized to maintain navigational usability and organization in UAA’s Web Space. 
  7. Branding

    The university’s official wordmark and lettermark will appear on every page within the UAA Web Space to accurately identify its affiliation with UAA.  Web pages belonging to Personal Websites are exempt from this policy.
  8. Confidentiality

    All Websites within the UAA Web Space must: 
    1. comply with all appropriate FERPA, HIPPA, and university policies concerning confidentiality of employee and student information
    2. comply with the Alaska Public Records Act, AS 40.25.110.
  9. Problem Reporting

    All defined Websites within the UAA Web Space must have a link on their main or home page where visitors can report operational problems.  The Responsible Party must routinely monitor and resolve reported problems in a timely manner.
  10. Commercial Advertising

    Written permission from the Office of the Chief Information Officer shall be obtained prior to placing any commercial advertising on any Website within the UAA Web Space.  Commercial advertising will not be accepted unless: (a) the advertising is used in the promotion of a UAA event or product/service related to the university and is deemed necessary for the promotion of the event or product/service, and/or (b) the advertising link is the result of a specific contractual obligation related to official university business. 
  11. Broken Links

    IT Services will routinely check the UAA Web Space for broken links and report findings to the identified Responsible Parties. The Responsible Party must monitor and repair all broken links within their Websites.

V.  Enforcement

Violations of all policy and procedure outlined in Section IV above will be referred to IT Services for resolution.  Violations will be discussed with the designated Responsible Party and their Sponsor.  A resolution and timeline will be established with the understanding a lack of resolution will result in the offending Website(s) disconnection from UAA’s network.

Release 02.07.02g, dated 02.03.05