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Our staff is here to listen to your concerns, assess your options and rights, and connect you with support resources.  Please stop by, email or call to talk with one of us or set up an appointment.

  • 3190 Alumni Drive
    Anchorage, AK 99508
  • 907-786-0818



Sara Childress, M.S.W.

Photo of Sara Childress
Sara Childress
Director and Title IX Coordinator, ADA Coordinator
SSB 352
Phone: 907-786-6086

Training Information

  • Title VII Training | December 2019 | TNG Consulting 
  • Section 504 Coordinator Training and Certificate | January 2020 | TNG Consulting
  • Office of Civil Rights Title IX Regulations Training and Certificate | January 2020 | ATIXA
  • Title IX Coordinator Training & Certification | July 2018 |Academic Impressions
  • Trauma Informed Sexual Assault Investigation & Victim Interviewing | May 2018 | APSC
  • Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault | May 2018 | DVSA

Neil Best, Ph.D.

Photo of Neil Best
Neil Best
Deputy Title IX Coordinator and Civil Rights Coordinator
SSB 352
Phone: 907-786-1535

Training Information

  • ADA Basics Training | September 2020 | Burton Blat Institute 
  • Investigators Training and Certificate | July 2020 | Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Campus and the Courts | January 2020 | TNG Consulting
  • Title VII Training | December 2019 | TNG Consulting 
  • Civil Rights Investigator Training and Certificate, Level III | May 2019 | ATIXA
  • Civil Rights Investigator Training and Certificate, Level IV | January 2019 | ATIXA




Satellite Campus Title IX Liaisons

The Office of Equity and Compliance (OEC) collaborates with each of our satellite campus Title IX liaisons. If you are looking for support relating to discrimination, Title IX, or other misconduct that occurred on one of our satellite campuses, please feel free to either file a report with OEC or reach out to the following point of contacts: 

Prince William Sound College

Ana Hinkle
Director of Student Affairs
(907) 834-1612

Kenai Peninsula College

Julie Cotterell
Student Services Director/Registrar
(907) 262-0314
Kenai River Campus

Reid Brewer
Director, Kachemak Bay Campus
(907) 235-1656

Kodiak College

Sandra Chichenoff
Administrative Assistant to the Director
(907) 486-1219

Mat-Su College

Adelina Rodriguez
Career Development Advisor
(907) 746-9319