Sample Syllabus Statement


Syllabi present a unique opportunity to  educate students on expectations within the classroom, but also to provide information on their rights and resources.  It provides another method of informing your students of your role as a 'responsible employee.'  While the below are not requirements for inclusion on the syllabus, the information is encouraged to be shared. Our UA Notice of Non Discrimination is included on various university materials, with more information to be found at  The statement below incorporates suggested Title IX language, to include the Notice of Non Discrimination.


UAA is committed to providing a learning environment for students that is free of all forms of discrimination and sexual harassment, including sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.  All UAA faculty are considered to be “responsible employees,” and must share any reports of gender based sexual misconduct to the UAA Office of Equity and Compliance.  Reporting ensures that the appropriate support and options are made available.  More information can be found at

To make a report, contact the Office of Equity and Compliance at 907.786.0818 or

For confidential support, contact the Center for Advocacy, Relationships and Sexual Violence at 907.276.7273 or

UA is an AA/EO employer and educational institution and prohibits illegal discrimination against any individual:


How to have the Responsible Employee Conversation

Feel free to use the following as a transcript for how to explain to your students your role as a responsible employee.  It is recommended that you take this transcript and make it your own, as long as all the necessary information is included.  It may feel robotic at first, but take some time to practice - you'll do great!

“As a member of the Seawolf community, I am expected to report situations of sexual and related misconduct.  I will not be able to keep what you tell me confidential. If you talk with me about the incident, I will share any information you provide with the Office of Equity and Compliance.  They will contact you about your options for support and formal reporting.  You can choose to talk with them or not, though.  They will not share anything you tell me beyond those who need to be involved in providing you with support and responding to the situation. If, instead, you would like to talk with someone confidentially, you can contact the Student Health and Counseling Center or the Center for Advocacy, Relationships and Sexual Violence.”

If you have questions or want advice, please contact Bridget Coffou (907-786-4680), our Prevention and Education Coordinator.