What Happens When I Make a Report?

Reports filed online are automatically sent to the Office of Equity and Compliance

Feel free to read through our response protocol guide (updated version coming soon.)

Once the Office of Equity and Compliance receives a report, someone from the office will reach out to the complainant (Link for definitions page) to discuss options and resources.  The individual then decides whether or not they would like to file a formal complaint.  If a complaint is pursued, the university will take reasonable steps to investigate the claim, stop the harassment from happening, take steps to prevent future harassment, and remedy its effects.

All university faculty and staff (unless specifically designated as a confidential resource are responsible employees (link definitions page), and are required to report any incident that could be related to Title IX, to the Office of Equity and Compliance.  This report needs to be made regardless if the individual would like to make a formal complaint. Sometimes, the university will investigate a report, regardless if the individual decides to make a formal complaint.

In conjunction with other campus resources, the university strives to make sure all injured parties are connected to the resources they may need, including medical care, mental health care, and advocacy.  The university will do everything it can to make sure an individual does not experience further harassment or retaliation.

Will My Information be Kept Private?

Privacy of all parties involved is a top priority to the University.  However, there may be some circumstances that require certain information to be disclosed, in order to fully investigate a report.  The University weigh the impacted party’s request for confidentiality in determining how to proceed with an investigation. In some circumstances, The University may proceed with an investigation even if the impacted party refuses to participate, to protect the safety of the UAA community.

If the reported incident constitutes a reportable offense under the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, we are required to report basic, non-identifying information to the University’s Cleary Officers.  If an incident causes an imminent threat to the UAA community, the University may have to provide a timely warning in a manner likely to reach all members of the campus community, in order to safeguard our students and employees.

If I report, will I be singled out or experience negative consequences?

The university prohibits any sort of retaliation against anyone making a report to the Office of Equity and Compliance or for filing, testifying, assisting or participating in any investigation or proceeding involving allegations of discrimination, including sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, or sexual misconduct.  Any person who engages in retaliatory behavior will be subject to disciplinary action, for violating university policy (BOR P01.04.130).

Will I be punished if alcohol or drugs were involved?

The university may provide amnesty from minor policy violations to students who report misconduct and who otherwise may be hesitant to report student misconduct to university officials because they fear being accused of minor policy violations that occurred during the incidents (for more information, please visit the Student Conduct Procedures)