Campus Climate Committee

The UAA Campus Climate Committee is charged with assessing campus climate on issues ranging from sexual violence awareness and prevention, gender equity education, and campus culture/climate assessment and action.

Charge for Subgroups:

  • Strengthen the on-campus presence and awareness of LGBTQ+ community resources and agencies and encouraging campus partners to collaborate with these groups
  • Guide existing student programs and service providers to develop welcoming and deliberate information specific to LGBTQ+ students and serving as a resource to the programs
  • Provide education and training opportunities for faculty and staff on LGBTQ+ concerns
  • Guide existing campus programming units to develop intentional activities and programs of particular interest to LGBTQ+ students

Summer Subcommittees:

    • Faculty Education
      • Preferred Names 
      • Preferred Gender? 
      • Personal Pronouns 
      • Banner Information vs Blackboard
      • Basic training 
        • Practical workshop on what happens when I mess up (environment where it is ok to make a mistake and correct it)
      • New Faculty Orientation/Current Faculty 
      • Virtual Education - Blackboard or Zoom for examples
    • Student Services
      • Housing & Res Life
      • Bathroom Map 
        • Gender Neutral 
        • Digital Map 
        • Maps inside every restroom 
        • UAA apps (wayfinding, safe, seawolf tracks) 
        • Bathroom Newsletter (Lavatory Lowdown) 
      • Foundation for on-boarding - communicate to students 
        • New Student Guide
    • Programming
      • Social/Education 
        • Panels/Speakers 
      • Fall Welcome Event 
      • Passive opportunities