Anti-Harassment Statement

At the University of Alaska Anchorage, it is illegal to discriminate against any individual because of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, physical or mental disability, marital status, or pregnancy or parenthood.  

UAA is committed to a safe and healthy educational and work environment in which educational programs and activities are free from discrimination on the basis of sex and gender identity. All members of the UAA community and visitors have the right to be free from all forms of gender and sex‐ based discrimination, including sexual violence, sexual harassment, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking. Because gender‐based and sexual misconduct has a negative impact on members of our community, UAA has a zero‐tolerance policy for it. Students and employees found responsible for engaging in acts of gender‐based or sexual misconduct will be disciplined, which may include suspension, expulsion or termination.

Members of the UAA community and visitors are encouraged to report any incidences of gender‐based or sexual misconduct, including harassment, assault, dating and/or domestic violence and stalking. To submit a report, contact Bridget Dooley, Title IX Coordinator at 907‐786-4680 or email or access the UA Confidential Hotline at 855‐251‐5719 /to make a confidential or anonymous report. UAA does not retaliate against those who raise concerns nor will it tolerate others’ retaliation against them.

UAA is committed to conducting prompt and equitable investigations. The purposes of any investigation are to determine: 1) whether prohibited conduct has occurred, 2) whether there is an ongoing risk of harm and if there is a need for any interim measures such as room changes, protective orders, or scheduling adjustments to mitigate additional harm, 3) what resources need to be put into place for any of the involved parties, and 4) whether system‐wide or local changes to policies, practices or training should be considered or implemented.

UAA offers a myriad of resources for victims of gender‐based and sexual misconduct. Free counseling services exist for all UAA students, regardless of where they live. UAA counselors serve as confidential resources as do community resources in Kenai, Valdez, Mat-Su, and Kodiak. For students who live and study outside of those communities, UAA can assist with connecting students to resources as appropriate.

Working together, UAA students and employees can create an environment free from gender‐based and sexual misconduct. UAA is committed to promptly stopping and preventing the recurrence of gender‐ based and sexual misconduct, eliminating hostile environments, and remedying misconduct’s ill effects. For more information about how to engage in positive, supportive behavior and report misconduct, please visit the UAA webpage at