Academic Assessment Plans

 An assessment plan identifies a program's student learning outcomes and assessment strategies. It includes the program's mission statement, program student learning outcomes (PSLOs), measures and overall assessment process. All programs are required to have an assessment plan on file. 

Assessment Plan FAQs

  • How do I get started?

    The Academic Assessment Plan must include the following categories:

    • Mission Statement
    • Program Student Learning Outcomes
    • Measures/Tools
    • Assessment Process

    Programs are not required to use the template, as long as the plan addresses the required categories. If you choose your own format, please be sure to include a date on the Academic Assessment Plan.

  • What is the process to submit an Academic Assessment Plan or changes to the Program Student Learning Outcomes for review by the AAC?

    Academic Assessment Plans are submitted by the faculty initiator through the Curriculum (CIM) System program proposal process here: Through the electronic workflow, the plan is reviewed for approval by the program, the college curriculum or assessment committee, and the Dean/Director of the College before being submitted to the AAC.

  • When is a new program's Academic Assessment Plan due?

    Academic Assessment Plans for new programs are due to the AAC at when the program is submitted to the CIM program proposal process described above. For the required materials, please see the Academic Assessment Handbook.

    The AAC welcomes plans at any point in the curriculum review process but encourages submitting draft plans as early as possible. The AAC can be helpful in the early stages of formulation as well as in finalization of the plan.

  • How does a program submit revisions to its Academic Assessment Plan?

    Existing programs making major revisions to their academic assessment plans (including changes to PSLOs) should submit the Assessment Plan through the CIM process. After all required documents have been submitted to the AAC, the AAC will contact the faculty initiator to schedule the review. After the review, the AAC will send an informational item to the Faculty Senate and post the Academic Assessment Plan to the website. 

    Minor revisions to Academic Assessment Plans should be approved at the program level and then submitted to the AAC at For the required materials, please see the Academic Assessment Handbook. Minor revisions do not require AAC review. After all required documents have been submitted to the AAC, the revised Academic Assessment Plan will be posted to the AAC's website, and the program and dean's office will be notified. Minor revisions to Academic Assessment Plans appear as informational items on the AAC agenda. 

    If you're unsure if your changes are considered major or minor revisions, please contact the AAC at for clarification.

  • What if our program needs more assistance or guidance?
     The AAC is happy to assist programs in creating their Academic Assessment Plans and can be a great resource for all your assessment needs. Please contact the AAC at, if you're seeking assistance. The AAC is available to provide individualized guidance or committee review, as needed by programs.

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