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GER Assessment Task Force

AY15 Final Recommendations and GER Academic Assessment Plan - May 1, 2015: The GER Assessment Task Force submitted its final recommendations for next steps in GER assessment at UAA and a GER Academic Assessment Plan in May 2015. The plan builds upon faculty research into best practices, a series of UAA GER workshops and open forums, a GER outcomes faculty survey, and pilot projects. The plan was reviewed by the Academic Assessment Committee on May 1, 2015. The plan integrates national best practices for a holistic assessment that gives centrality to teaching and learning. It takes a broad view of GER student learning outcomes as areas students build upon throughout their academic experience.

AY14 Final Report & Recommendations of the GERA - April 28, 2014: The GER Assessment Task Force submitted its AY14 final report and recommendations on the evaluation of general education at UAA in April 2014. The Task Force will continue its service in AY15 as a transition team to assist the institution in next steps.

AY14 Survey: Faculty Perspective on General Education at UAA: In Spring 2014, the GER Assessment Task Force developed a survey designed to gather faculty feedback on the value of general education and the importance of general education outcomes for overall student success. In addition, the Task Force was interested in finding out whcih GER student Learning Outcomes were already being assessed by programs as part of their assessment plans.

Faculty Senate Annual Faculty Forum - January 24, 2014: The GER Assessment Task Force presented at the 2014 Faculty Senate Annual Faculty Forum. The Task Force gave an overview of their work so far and talked about the value of general education. 

GER Assessment Open Forum Series - Fall 2013: The GER Assessment Task Force hosted a series of Open Forums in Fall 2013, to capture faculty perspectives about their contributions to the nine General Education Outcomes and ways in which they know learning has taken place. Findings from each session are available.

Message to the UAA community - April 2013: The GER Assessment Task Force communicated to the UAA community about its upcoming fall 2013 Open Forum series, which will invite faculty into a conversation about best practices, their own contributions to helping students meet the GER outcomes and how they see themselves contributing to the assessment of that achievement.

Report to Faculty Senate - April 2013: The GER Assessment Task Force submitted a summary of their work in the 2012-2013 academic year to the Faculty Senate. The Task Force submitted guiding principles for developing a general education assessment plan at UAA, with attention to faculty, students and the institution as a whole. Beginning Fall 2013, the Task Force will hold campus wide forums and discussions of GER Assessment Best Practices.

Report to Faculty Senate - April 2013

Hanover Research Report - Best Practices in the Assessment of GER Student Learning Outcomes - December 2012: In response to the GER Assessment Task Force research proposal, Hanover Research provided this report, which provides an overview of assessment procedures relating to student learning outcomes of general education programs at a number of UAA peer and aspirational institutions.

Report to Faculty Senate - November 2012: The GER Assessment Task Force submitted a summary of their work in the Fall 2012 semester to the Faculty Senate. At this stage, the Task Force is gathering information on institutional approaches and practices to assessment of GER student learning outcomes, with future plans to mine down more deeply into the information that Hanover provides, as well as the information the Task Force continues to gather.

Report to Faculty Senate - November 2012

Research Proposal to Hanover Research - October 30, 2012: The GER Assessment Task Force submitted a research proposal to Hanover Research, requesting research on the General Education Requirement (GER) assessment practices at 13 peer and aspirational institutions.

Research Proposal to Hanover Research - October 30, 2012

Faculty Senate Motion and Task Force Charge - September 7, 2012: The Faculty Senate approved the following motion from the General Education Review Committee.

Recommend formation of a two-year General Education Requirements Assessment Task Force (GER Task Force) to research, write up and present to the faculty (Faculty Senate, Open Forum/s) and the Provost an overview of how GER curricula are being assessed nationally. This includes information on best practices, the practices of our peer and aspiration institutions and UAF and UAS, and guidance from national organizations such as AAC&U. The report should include a recommendation for next steps toward developing a GER assessment plan and any funding implications of that recommendation.

Faculty Senate Motion and Task Force Charge - Sep. 7, 2012.