Campus Events

Relate North 2015: Culture, Communication and Creativity

UAA's Art Department is going to host Relate North 2015: An International Conference November 3-6, 2015. The theme of the conference will be "Culture, Communication and Creativity." They are expecting 50+ participants from Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Russia, Canada, and the United States. Potentially, each participating institution/university will bring students (20+) to be in workshops and sessions. 

Click here to view information on the Relate North 2014 Conference

Click here to learn more about the Thematic Network on Sustainable Art and Design

Conversation with the Provost - UAA and UArctic

In February of 2014 the Office of Academic Affairs hosted an event open to students, staff and faculty to provide both an introduction to the UArctic program for those who were interested in learning about it, and also a forum for open discussion on the direction that UAA's participation in the organization should take moving forward. 

UArctic Conversation with the Provost Agenda

Presentations from the event:

        UArctic Introductory Presentation

        Arctic Engineering Thematic Network Presentation

        Arctic Sustainable Arts & Design Thematic Network Presentation 

        Winter Outdoor Spaces Presentation

UArctic Conversation with the Provost Worksheet

UArctic Conversation with the Provost Worksheet Report