Success Story at SHCC

  • Administrative process optimization
  • Graduate stipend paperwork
  • Streamlining catering payments to allow departments to use ProCards
  • Budget revisions to Foundation accounts
  • Student debt safety net
  • Limited purchase orders
  • Provide students with a notification about financial aid earlier
  • Streamline adjunct rehiring by reducing unnecesary re-documentation
  • Provide notification to alumni before emails are shut off
  • Optimize off-campus mail delivery
  • Graduate student admissions process
  • Increase late fee removal authority
  • Optimize recycling and trash locations
  • Student communication
  • Reduce lead time to host events by quashing repetitive paperwork requirements
  • Restructure scholarship application process to reduce time spent processing each essay
Do you have a pain point or frustration that you'd like to see Lean Six Sigma concepts applied to?