Program Prioritization

Academic Task Force (AcTF)
Support Task Force (STF)
Provost June 18, 2015 Memo

Provost provides detailed results memo

In May 2013 UAA embarked on a thoughtful, comprehensive self-evaluation process of reviewing, evaluating and prioritizing all of our academic programs and support functions. Leadership chose the prioritization process to confirm mission alignment and to guide future growth and development of UAA.

After the release of the findings reports in February 2015, faculty provided recommendations for the programs placed in category four (transform) or category five (deletion/further review). Their recommendations went to the deans of each college, and the deans reviewed those recommendations before forwarding proposed actions to the provost in May 2015.

Following discussions with the deans and other academic leaders, Provost Samuel Gingerich concurred with the recommended actions and provided a memo on June 18 that details which programs, pending approval by the Board of Regents (BOR), will be eliminated. Some transformed programs have new benchmarks for evaluation. A small number of programs are still being evaluated. UAA will present the BOR with the list of proposed program deletions this fall. Typically it takes two to five years to teach out a program before deletion.

Read the full June 18, 2015 memo.